Then You Were Born (eBook)


This book is the result of more than fifty years of Trevor observing these mannerisms in family guidance, marital counselling and company boardrooms across many different countries. When you read it, they will jump out at you.

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I have read and studied many excellent books and brilliant authors who are trying to guide us into the elusive state of heightened awareness. They talk about seeking your deep inner consciousness, and until I discovered how to find it, I had depended entirely on faith, their persuasive words, and a belief that it existed.

No one had been able to describe the route in scientific, verifiable, systematic, logical terms. In fact, many gurus scoffed at such thinking. Deep consciousness was only available if you paid. All my reading compounded my brain into a mass of confusion! Where was that elusive blissful state, what did it feel like when you experienced it and how could I reach it?

Until now, you and I have wallowed in faith. We have had to believe it was there. Well, if you want to follow the guidelines in this book and use your disciplined intelligence, it will take you there!

Two profoundly scientific laws apply. They are irrefutable, and when you apply them, your natural consciousness will emerge from the mess of normality in which we all live. You will not need to believe anything. You will experience your natural consciousness, whenever you wish.


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