trevor mumby

A problem that will trouble us all at times, has many names – depression, unhappiness, gloom etc. What ever you call it, the bombardment of negative influences can come from many directions, particularly the media but also from other people and your own personal inner thoughts.

If you complete the procedure set out in this folder, you will have in your hands a revolutionary new solution to this sadness. YOU will create the solution, not a therapist or drugs. This solution is within everyone. Every time you open your mobile/cell phone, you will give yourself cheerful feelings that come from your own experiences but had previously been blanked out by negative influences. It is a procedure from the very height of recent brain research that will be ready-to-hand, can be used at any time and most important of all, by anyone.

To lose the blues for ever, just click on ‘All His Books’ above, go to The Smile File and reacquaint yourself with your own joyful feelings . . . forever.