The Smile File

The Smile File is a folder that contains a new method to help everyone who suffers from feeling depressed. Let’s face it, being sad at times affects us all. To have an easy-to-use method to overcome it would be like having a therapist on hand 24 hours a day.

This is a new, revolutionary method combining the latest brain discoveries and the billions of mobile phones now in service around the world. We have now invented an extremely simple method to spontaneously counteract negative and destructive mental thoughts. 

When you work through the procedures laid out in this folder you will laugh out loud! Go through each phase and you will finish up with a tool that is an instant provider of pleasant thoughts and banish those that makes us unhappy.

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the smile file

“The Smile File arrived yesterday. It’s very clever, astonishingly simple to use and just an amazing way of bringing a smile to anyone’s day. I just loved it. What more can I say. I am sure it will be a huge success.” Joycie five stars

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“Nice and simple, that’s what I like! Simplicity of it is good because not all carers are IT skilled, some have problems with complicated websites. I don’t think anyone would have a problem with this one.” Mr Kubicki five stars

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The File’s Contents
Your folder holds everything you need to achieve your happiness goal in easy stages. When you have completed all the stages, you will have a ready-to-hand tool to banish all your darker moods.

The smile file

Introductory letter
The letter explains how the easy process you will undergo can quickly reveal and re-invigorate an inner happiness you have taken a lifetime to suppress.

Four pairs of forms to record your special and individual memories
Each pair of forms contains a top sheet for you to fill out and a ‘magic’ bottom sheet which has copied your results and where you will need to score them. When you have filled in both sheets, your top scores are transferred to the next stage. The key to the whole process is in the special bottom sheet, only available when you buy The Smile File.

Your final selection sheet
All your top scores are assembled on a single sheet, ready for you to transfer to your phone.

An example of a filled-in final selection sheet
We have included a sheet, already filled in, for you to see an example of how your sheet could look.

A spare selection sheet
In time, you may uncover other memories you had previously overlooked. We have provided an extra sheet in the file for you to complete, as and when you uncover them. More of these sheets are available upon request.